Adding to Your Home’s Value through Landscape and Hardscape

While livability and comfort are usually numbers one and two on a homeowner’s list of priorities for their home, keeping the home in top shape to increase its value surely comes next. While a fresh coat of paint can do a little work, it might be time to pay attention to your surroundings to add some value to your home. Updating, adding to, and keeping up your landscape and hardscape are key to adding overall value to your home, throughout its life. Here are a few such items to pay attention to.

Artificial Lawns

It might seem counterintuitive, but the reason most of us like a lawn, at least when assessing how a place looks, is that it feels nice and green and natural and a bit homey. An artificial lawn can replicate that feeling while also meaning you have less upkeep to deal with. Critically, if you live somewhere that experiences droughts, there’s no need to water or otherwise maintain with grass that doesn’t grow.

Prevention of Erosion

Depending on where your home is, you might be dealing with erosion on a regular basis. No one wants to lose the body or shape of their lawn to the elements, so adding the proper hardscaping can stop erosion in its path. Adding a retaining wall system is critical to making sure you don’t have to deal with erosion. Retaining walls can also be aesthetically pleasing, and can be tiered to add additional design value to your property.

Succulents and Other Greens

Succulents are low maintenance and add interest to the overall look of a garden, patio, or even your primary lawn. They are pops of green that still remind us that we are surrounded by nature, while also not needing to be mowed or trimmed, and they use considerably less water.

Increasing Privacy and Safety

Walls don’t have to be “necessary evil,” they can actually be designed and kept in the spirit and look of your home and your property, overall. Adding lighting and safer walkways and other elements can be the key to a safer property, with a little more privacy, and this can all be done within specific styles and using your personal budget.

Adding a Water Feature

If you want to add action and interest to your property, while also adding tranquility for visitors and those living there alike, adding a water feature could be the perfect solution for you. Upkeep is as simple as clearing, cleaning, and cleaning the filters, and it recycles its water.


It’s not just a matter of looks, but of functionality and care. The more care taken to monitoring the land and foundation, etc, the more that will show through to a valuator or potential buyer. And even if you stay in your home, don’t you want to take the most care of it anyway? Of course you do. Maintaining your hardscape and landscape will help you show your property the proper respect.