Chic And Trendy — Potted Plants And Indoor Plants As Architectural Features

Whether you’re putting together a home or a business environment, landscape architecture is leaning more and more toward using potted plants and indoor plants as a feature. Green architecture is a growing trend for a number of reasons, many of which are backed by scientific studies. It can be as simple as buying pots and […]

How To Use Landscaping To Create Intimate And Important Family Moments

Warmer weather just about demands that we find a new venue for family time outdoors. Whether it’s on a patio, a porch or somewhere in the backyard, we try to find spaces that bring us closer together, with a sense of intimacy and privacy. Whether you’re planning a backyard wedding, a barbecue, or just want […]

Xeriscaping in the Caribbean

Xeriscaping (sometimes also referred to as zeroscaping) is a landscape design technique that focuses on maximizing the usage of drought-tolerant elements. This trend is not only ecologically conscious but also often much lower maintenance and can be extremely visually striking. If you are looking for a landscape rejuvenation in Turks & Caicos, Landscaping By EA […]