Chic And Trendy — Potted Plants And Indoor Plants As Architectural Features

Whether you’re putting together a home or a business environment, landscape architecture is leaning more and more toward using potted plants and indoor plants as a feature. Green architecture is a growing trend for a number of reasons, many of which are backed by scientific studies. It can be as simple as buying pots and potted plants online to emphasize what you already have, or you can start from scratch and find ways to use local plants for an emphasis on sustainable landscaping. Here are some reasons to consider green architecture.

Greater Quality of Life

Using potted plants and indoor plants is obviously one great way to add some genuine green and other natural colors to the palette of your property. On top of this, plants also have great benefits to the air and the overall environment. They can help balance indoor air quality by bringing in more oxygen, and they are capable of balancing out the humidity, as well. Plants are known to help people who live and work around them by lowering stress levels and reducing anxiety, also.

Greater Productivity

Certainly, an increased positive mood is going to increase productivity, as well, whether you’ve placed your plants in a corporate setting or at home. In fact, one UK study found that adding plants to the work environment can increase productivity by 15%, with similar results in studies conducted in the Netherlands and Australia. While the emotional and health benefits are undeniable and a great priority, and looking great is a solid second place, there’s no arguing with the increased productivity that simply comes with adding plants.

Greater Property Value

Green landscaping has great potential to increase the resale value of a house, due to the undeniable positive vibes it gives a property’s look. On top of this, it also has a tendency to speed up the sale of a property, because who doesn’t want to move in somewhere that seems so connected with nature? Plants also have a tendency to lower energy costs and increase sales through the positive perception they create for businesses. As the needs of homes and companies change, especially with increased urbanizing, green landscape architecture is going to be needed more and more in order to keep businesses running and houses selling.


Green landscaping architecture is trending now and is only expected to get more popular as the years go by. It will be a necessity as global populations grow, especially in urban centers where greenery is harder to come by than it is in urban or suburban areas of the world. Hiring a professional landscape company is always your best bet for making your architecture more green. They are on top of trends and are going to be the most efficient method for putting together the look and feel you need on time and on your budget. Bring a little more oxygen and color into your world and get the full green treatment.