Improving security in your Caribbean home with Landscaping

Improving security in your Caribbean home with Landscaping

Security brings to mind cameras, password protection, and other thoughts of technology. When you think of securing your home against any environmental threats, landscaping is a tool that can be much more than just the beautification of your lawn and increased curb appeal. At Landscaping by EA our goal is always to meet as many needs as possible with our landscape design. This includes measures that can help protect your home and increase your home security. Here are 3 things to consider when looking at how landscaping can help keep your home secure.

Keep up with maintenance

A yard with debris, unkempt plants, or a stack of newspapers can give the impression that no one is home. In order to deter unwanted visitors, be sure that your landscaping looks well maintained to any eyes that might be passing by. Keep dry or dead foliage raked away, do a quick sweep to pick up any discarded kids toys or mail that is on the porch, and do a trim on any overgrown plant elements that are in your yard. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, that’s what we are here for!

Be mindful of sightlines

Unscrupulous activity thrives in the shadows, so keep areas near doors and windows open and clear. Large bushes, lattices, or vines near areas of your home that are easily compromised can make it easier for thieves to hide. Keep those areas focused on low-profile design elements. This can be a great spot for flower beds, small plants, or xeriscaping elements like low-profile cacti and rocks. To aid in keeping these areas unattractive to opportunistic visitors, consider a noisier ground cover like pebble-sized gravel. A material like this is quite loud underfoot, which means any creeping on those surfaces won’t go unnoticed

Lighting is key

In order to continue to emphasize visibility, don’t neglect your lighting. Bright areas are harder to hide any activity. There are many options, including motion-sensitive lights that are low profile and easily hidden, that way you only have to think of them when they are in use. Keeping all pathways well lit is vital for this component, so look into small walkway lights. Not only are these attractive and help with creating distinct areas within your landscaping, many are also solar-powered these days. No added strain on the electric bill!

The way that you maintain your yard and thus the way that you protect your home’s security will be individual to your needs, your neighborhood, and your style of home. If you are unsure which direction to go, consider booking a consultation with one of our designers. We can help you identify the ways to keep your yard beautiful while also protecting your peace of mind. Whether you want a safe place to hide a spare key inconspicuously, or you just want to make sure your home looks unattractive to potential burglars passing by, we can help you achieve all of your landscaping goals.