Xeriscaping in the Caribbean

Xeriscaping (sometimes also referred to as zeroscaping) is a landscape design technique that focuses on maximizing the usage of drought-tolerant elements. This trend is not only ecologically conscious but also often much lower maintenance and can be extremely visually striking. If you are looking for a landscape rejuvenation in Turks & Caicos, Landscaping By EA is here to deliver exactly what you need. Consider booking a consultation with one of our talented professionals to see how we can bring this low maintenance and pest-resistant landscaping trend to life in your yard.

Benefits of Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is an attractive option for those looking to take their landscaping to the next level.

Supports native wildlife

Because xeriscaping emphasizes the usage of native flora, pollinators will thrive in the company of your garden. For those looking to feel more immersed in nature, it’s an excellent choice.

Cuts the need for chemicals

Chemical additives like fertilizers and pesticides are often necessary for traditional landscaping elements because the plants are non-native and thus need assistance when establishing root systems. By using native elements, the plants are already built to thrive in the chosen environment. This is not only cost-effective and lower maintenance, but it is also much healthier for the people, animals, and surrounding plant life as well.

Improves Property Value

Chic landscaping is the best way to ensure the top return on investment when looking to increase curb appeal. Having a completed xeriscape scene in your yard is visually enticing for any views. The fact that it is low maintenance and cost-saving is also a huge bonus in the eyes of potential buyers if your property is on the market.

Conserves Water

Almost 50% of residential water usage in the Caribbean goes straight to lawn needs. Implementing a xeriscape landscape technique cuts water needs by 50-75% on average. This does not only cut costs but is also environmentally conscious.

Principles of Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping doesn’t just have aesthetic benefits but has several principles that ensure it is a cohesive and thoughtful addition to your life.


Every xeriscape is individual to the location and no two are exactly alike. The specific topography, microclimate, and desires of the property owner are all taken into consideration when creating the design. During your consultation, let us know all of the ways you are looking forward to using your space.

Soil Improvement

Because native plants are used and chemicals are not relied upon, xeriscaping has positive benefits for the local soil. Increased health of the topsoil helps with moisture retention, increases beneficial organic matter, and ensures adequate drainage for the covered area.

Practical Areas

Whether it is a backyard that will be used by children at play, a quiet place for adults to meditate, or needs to be pet friendly, xeriscaping creates unique and appropriate zones for all needs of the landscape and its inhabitants. Attractive rockscapes and hedges can be used to create clear definitions of different zones to enhance the look of the area, protect local wildlife, and keep maintenance a breeze.